ISG is a not-for-profit, unaffiliated, unincorporated association administered by volunteers.

Current Committee

Chairman (Head Chief Wizard) - Ceredig Cattanach-Chell -

Treasurer (Head Goblin) - Lee Wynd -

Secretary (Noble Historian) - Richard Peachey -

President/GM Liaison (Head of the Townsguard) - Christopher Lancaster -

Welfare Officer (Head Paladin) - Lizzie Barnes -

PR/Comms/Welfare Officer (Head Bard) - Laura Petchey -

Peon/Jack of All Trades (Head Ranger) - Simon Cogan -

Simon Cogan

Simon, currently the most heavily bearded of our many Simons, has leapt into action on securing our new home. He made contact with and arranged our booking at Cherry Hinton Library. He's written and revised the constitution, setup and authored the website, raised funds for our booking, setup records of payments, membership lists and more, setup this election, and initiated and led discussions on how ISG should and could be run with as many people as would listen. He's an IT manager by day, with some knowledge of the voluntary sector, and ran a business selling millions of dice and other gaming stuff online for ten years.

Lizzie Barnes

I'm Lizzie. I've been a part of ISG for about 8 years and am a massive geek outside of roleplaying. I've worked in event management, the education sector and in the retail sector so there's nothing I haven't seen, heard or dealt with by this point. I just want to keep the group going so I can hear all the weird and wonderful shenanigans people get up to in games.

Ceredig Cattanach-Chell

I have been RPG-ing since 1996, and play a range of games, online, face to face and in my head! Recently moved to Cambridge (starting my 5th year) and been part of the ISG community for most of that. Ex-teacher, DM and all round crack pot. Old and experienced in the ways of club running/online communities and here to foster an awesome community of gamers!

Christopher Lancaster


Laura Petchey

Laura has been an RPG fan for 16 years, ISC goer for 7 years, GM for 6 odd, and has a wealth of experience in clubs and committees. She currently sits on the Women's Institute & a Resident Association, has co-run a Youth Club for five years, and was previously President of the Cambridge Blue Belles WI.

Lee Wynd

Hi, I'm Lee and I had to strongly resist making a Simpsons or He-Man reference to start with. I'm a relatively recent ISG/C attendee, and have been RPing and gaming for about twenty five years. I have also been a school governor and youth mentor so ama glutton for punishment where management is concerned.

Richard Peachey

Peachey, not Petchey, with 30 years in the model and gaming hobby, this Cub Scout leader brings his expertise in conflict management to the rowdy world of committee membership.