Welcome to Inner Sanctum Gaming, a Role Playing Game club, based in Cambridge, UK

Covid 19....

As you might have guessed (or already know!) we are not currently meeting in person at the Library. However, many games continue to run via discord, roll20 and other online means! No dues are being collected (as no costs are being incurred!).

Please see our Facebook group for the latest news, games to join and general chat - new faces more than welcome!

We'll revisit our in person meet-up's in Spring 2021 , news will be posted here and on facebook.

Who We Are

This is the new home for role-playing gamers orphaned by the closure of the popular Inner Sanctum Collectibles board game shop in Cambridge, and the loss of their Monday night gaming sessions.

All with tolerance and respect for others and our surroundings are welcome to join, provided we've the space :)

What We Do

Tabletop role-playing games, board games and more. Anything in the spirit of the club that won't cause disruption to residents or inconvenience our venue.

When We Do It

We've use of the Library every Monday night from 18:00 - 22:00. Please ensure we keep our good name and use of the space, by ensuring you don't trouble other users of the library or local residents by turning up too early or leaving noisily!

Where We Do It

Cherry Hinton Library

High Street

Cherry Hinton

Cambridge CB1 9HZ


Other orphaned groups from ISC....

We're still in the early stages of setting this up, but once we know how much space, and how many tables and chairs we have available, we plan to welcome players and groups from Magic the Gathering and Board Game nights at ISC into ISG, under the same constitution and code of conduct.

There's a maximum occupancy of 50 people in the venue, and as yet unknown seating and tabling. A booking system will be instigated in future, with priority given to established RPG groups initially.

If any participants of these existing events are keen to follow our path, and book out out the library on another night to accommodate their groups, please get in touch with any members of the committee through facebook, email or any other means. We will be more than happy to provide as much assistance, advice, cross promotion and ongoing cooperation as we can.


Join us on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/758664540822640/

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